Hazard potential of US dams

The US Army Corps of Engineers maintains a National Inventory of Dams, a database with hazard potential assessments for close to 90,000 dams throughout the US. The assessment High hazard indicates "the loss of one human life is likely if the dam fails"; Significant hazard indicates "possible loss of human life and likely significant property or environmental destruction".

Hazard potential for all US dams per state

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Dams with high hazard potential
Dams with significant hazard potential
Level of hazard
Evaluated dams
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Alabama196449Less than half hazardous2,241Alabama
Alaska2942Over half hazardous107Alaska
Arizona16747Over half hazardous380Arizona
Arkansas179227Less than half hazardous1,251Arkansas
California824290Over half hazardous1,594California
Colorado386342Less than half hazardous1,737Colorado
Connecticut240449At least 75% hazardous734Connecticut
Delaware646At least 75% hazardous83Delaware
Florida78330Less than half hazardous895Florida
Georgia60139Less than half hazardous5,132Georgia
Hawaii1224At least 75% hazardous138Hawaii
Idaho112150Over half hazardous447Idaho
Illinois228314Less than half hazardous1,592Illinois
Indiana272268Over half hazardous927Indiana
Iowa104230Less than half hazardous3,927Iowa
Kansas255212Less than half hazardous6,374Kansas
Kentucky301245Less than half hazardous1,114Kentucky
Louisiana4163Less than half hazardous513Louisiana
Maine7387Less than half hazardous611Maine
Maryland81103Over half hazardous336Maryland
Massachusetts335701Over half hazardous1,490Massachusetts
Michigan170152Less than half hazardous941Michigan
Minnesota57149Less than half hazardous1,078Minnesota
Mississippi27873Less than half hazardous3,630Mississippi
Missouri1,512222Less than half hazardous5,119Missouri
Montana215188Less than half hazardous3,316Montana
Nebraska139205Less than half hazardous2,835Nebraska
Nevada158120Over half hazardous552Nevada
New Hampshire128160Less than half hazardous641New Hampshire
New Jersey221340Over half hazardous825New Jersey
New Mexico23785Over half hazardous491New Mexico
New York409689Over half hazardous1,968New York
North Carolina1,210735Over half hazardous3,162North Carolina
North Dakota4594Less than half hazardous904North Dakota
Ohio413546Over half hazardous1,483Ohio
Oklahoma397219Less than half hazardous4,925Oklahoma
Oregon154188Less than half hazardous964Oregon
Pennsylvania819342Over half hazardous1,552Pennsylvania
Rhode Island9780Over half hazardous236Rhode Island
South Carolina205466Less than half hazardous2,439South Carolina
South Dakota91155Less than half hazardous2,511South Dakota
Tennessee273354Over half hazardous1,224Tennessee
Texas1,113743Less than half hazardous7,310Texas
Utah233339Over half hazardous835Utah
Vermont57133Over half hazardous363Vermont
Virginia337469Less than half hazardous2,063Virginia
Washington244227Over half hazardous798Washington
West Virginia422107At least 75% hazardous609West Virginia
Wisconsin265109Less than half hazardous1,185Wisconsin
Wyoming101119Less than half hazardous1,639Wyoming

Ten states most at risk - based on percentage of hazardous dams:

Ten states most at risk - based on absolute amount of hazardous dams:

Number of dams per state - divided in groups per hazard potential

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